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Top 10 tech companies to work for in 2014


There is a large number of IT companies in the world and thus it is quite difficult for us to select right one from them. The first thing somebody would see is “how popular the company is?” and “what is its turnover?”, or may be “what is their core activity?” But the first and foremost thing that is important is the culture, values and environment of the company which is difficult to know unless you’ve worked there.

No worries we’ve got answers for that, some companies know exactly how to make their employees happy, Glassdoor helped us find those top 10 companies in the world known for “best culture for employees” Here is how the list looks:

Culture and value ratings were based on a five-point scale used by glassdoor, Ratings Scale: 3.51–4.0 = “Satisfied” 4.01–5.0 = “Very Satisfied” 

1.     Twitter

The social network won the overall top spot for culture and values. It received a 4.5 rating out of 5 on Glassdoor. The social media giant ranked No. 1 out of 25 companies with the best culture and values, according to a new report from job community site Glassdoor. “Everything is really great at Twitter. The benefits, people, impact, everything." a Twitter Financial analyst said

2.     Google

Google is always in the top 3, though in the top 2 for tech companies, it received a 4.4 rating. "Work culture, Awesome Food, Global exposure, Benefits/perks, gives you an entrepreneurship platform" a Google software engineer said

3.     Riverbed technologies

Riverbed Technology landed in the third spot among tech companies, a 4.3 rating. “It’s a smart place to work. The way documentation is done, the design, and product all are smartly done." a Riverbed Technology employee

4.     Facebook

Facebook ranked No. 4 among tech companies. It earned a 4.3 rating. “Work friendly, wonderful environment, employers are supportive. All in all wonderful experience." An existing employee said

5.     National Instruments

National Instruments made it to the fifth spot on the tech list. Employees gave the company a 4.2 rating. “It’s an absolute delight working here. You learn a lot everyday!" an existing National Instruments employee told on Glassdoor

6.     Intuit

Intuit jumped to No. 6 among tech companies. It received a 4.1 rating. “You learn product development and how to market it quickly, u learn as a lean start-up company." an Intuit employee said

7.     CDW

CDW came in 13th place on the overall list, but ranked No. 7 on the tech list. The company received a 4.1 rating on Glassdoor. “Great environment lots of growth” said a CDW account manager

8.     Apple

Apple took the 15th spot on the overall top 25 list, but landed in the eighth spot among tech companies. The corporation received a 4.1 rating. "I am working for apple India as solution consultant for iPhone since last 8 month. I should say its Best place to work at in general. Apple employees are apple-holics." An employee from Apple India said

9.     Citrix Systems

Citrix Systems enjoys a ninth place among tech companies with a 4.0 rating. "Flexible timing, good benefits, good work and many more." a senior software development engineer at Citrix Systems said

10. Adobe

Adobe climbed to tenth place in tech with a solid 4.0 rating. It is on the 20th place in the overall ranking. “A good company to stick for long provided you can keep inventing yourself and possess strong relationship skills.”  Anonymous Employee at Adobe said

Source: Mashable, Glassdoor

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