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Why Page Title and META tags crucial in SEO


For websites, it is important to rank well. When we say rank well, we mean on the TOP of the search results or atleast on the first page of search results. Now, it is easier said than done. 

It is very well proved that websites which rank in TOP 10 on the search results page get the maximum business / exposure / traffic and in turn, more revenue. Google is the most frequently used search engine, followed by Yahoo and Bing. Our research says, 80% of the website traffic comes from Google and 8 - 9% from Yahoo and 10 - 11% from Bing approximately.

Nowadays, search engines have become more sophisticated but no matter how much intelligent they become, it still is difficult for them to understand web page the way we humans do. So, the ownership of explaining search engines what we mean, is on us. Webmasters need to carefully layout webpages and explain search engines in a very simple form.

When crawlers visit your website in search of vital information for indexing purpose, they look out for key elements like page Title and META tags - Keywords and Description. If these are optimised correctly, it becomes easy for search engines to identiy what your website is about and how it would help users. Poorly structured pages makes the job difficult for crawlers and in turn, it would affect your site rank adversely.

To rank and perform well in search results, you need to get the SEO basics of your website right.

So what would an ideal page title look like?

Lets say, you are into buying and selling properties in UK and, your website name is An ideal page title for website would look like Buy and Sell Properties in the UK - Real Estate. Title element starts with and the end of the page title is denoted by . You don't necessarily need to include your website name in the page title if it is already there in the domain. You might want to include it if yours is a popular brand and/or if you are trying to establish a brand, for example: Twitter, Facebook etc.

Please note: Ideal page title should be not more than 69 characters. Anything more than that will not be visible

Now, lets have a look at the META tags

1. Description - after page title, comes description. It is normally placed under tag, starting with . Now, lets take the above example to try and write a description for the website.

For the above website i.e., description would look like <meta name="description" content="Looking for a property in the UK? We are specialists in Real Estate and will help you buy or sell a property">

Please note: Ideal description size is 156 characters, but you can use upto 160 characters, if required. Anything more than that will cut visibility in search results.

2. Keywords - It plays a vital role in search rankings and needs to be handled carefully. This itself can be an article on its own. Webmasters suggest search engines where they would want their website to appear / rank, through use of website relevant keywords. Ideally, one should use 3 to 4 keywords in the meta keywords tag. Overstuffing keywords will have a negative impact on website search rankings.

Search engines now have become more sophisticated and they analyse and relate page content with the keywords placed under keywords meta tag. So, over stuffing keywords in tag will be seen as manipulation and accordingly, it will have an adverse effect.

Again, taking the above example of; we have put together keywords tag to give you a clearer idea. For, it would look like:

<meta name="keywords" content="buy property, sell property, real estate, properties in the uk">

For best results, keep your content simple and easy to understand. Try to write from a layman's perspective. If you have quality content on your website then, search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are going to appreciate it.

CLOSING TIP: Don't buy backlinks, it never works

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