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UK Contractors share their experience on Umbrella Companies


Recently, we did a quick survey on umbrella companies in the UK through our LinkedIn group - IT Contractors and Jobseekers UK.

One of the most popular group amongst UK Contractors and Freelancers. This group has over 8400 Contractors from the UK. 

We asked Contractors to share their experience they've had with umbrella companies.

Our question on the group was - "Which is the best Umbrella Company? If members can share their experience please? Good and Bad.."

50% of the Contractors voted for Parasol, and the rest of the votes were divided between Paystream, NASA, JSA and Winchester Contracts. There was only 1 negative kind of a feedback, and that went to ICS.

Let’s have a look at what Contractors actually said about those umbrella companies:

Disclaimer: None of these umbrella companies are our clients,(as on Aug, 2014) and these are genuine contractors reviewing umbrella companies, and sharing their experience with us.


I found Parasol to be really helpful and easy to use. I've since gone limited with their sister company ClearSkyand found them to be absolutely brilliant as well.

Rhian Cohen, VMWare Virtualisation Consultant

I've been using Parasol for some years and find them highly efficient and easy to work with. Conversely, I was restricted during one contract and had to use ICS. What a costly nightmare.

Robert Lankester, Business Analyst at Morzine UK Ltd

I'm one of the Parasol mob as well, they seem a very helpful bunch of people

Jan Leach, Test Analyst

Another vote for Parasol, really good Portal and quick to resolve any questions you may have

Phil Sephton, Support Analyst at TNS Systems


I have used PayStream for a while - always very quick to pay, efficient with contract signing and good telephone service.

Stuart Andrews, Information Management Consultant at AlixPartners

Winchester Contracts

I am using Winchester Contracts at the moment and have nothing but praise for their service levels and helpfulness when the agency have not done as they should. I used Giant in the past and found them less than helpful.

Paul Clark, Senior Project Manager at T-Systems on BP GTS Account

NASA Umbrella

I used NASA Umbrella Limited - they were very good.

Jane Gorton (nee Stanley)


JSA Everytime. They are great and not that expensive

Martin Black, MLB Computer Services Ltd

In between all these comments, there was one interesting comment which focused on the limited company route: 

Undoubtedly the service company route is more lucrative, but there may be personal circumstances which make this ill advised or even impossible.

Paul Clark, Senior Project Manager at T-Systems on BP GTS Account 

If you are unsure of which way to go, you can read our article Limited Company OR Umbrella Company

We can also help you find a competitive deal for your umbrella company needs, as well as, if you need help in setting up a limited company; we can help you with that. Drop us a line on and email us your requirements, be it an Umbrella Company OR Contractor Accountant.

Source: Self, LinkedIn

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