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PRISM believes the average contractor will lose 20 percent of their take home pay


BRITAIN’S legions of IT contractors were today urged to get behind a campaign to save themselves thousands of pounds a year on average.

The Chancellor is largely scrapping the ability of contractors to claim travel relief in April.

The Government claims this will level the playing field but critics say it penalises flexible workers.

IT contractors will lose more than £6,000 a year, research by trade body PRISM shows, cutting take home pay by an average £128 a week.

PRISM, whose members service the needs of contractors, is battling to overturn the Government’s decision under its Yes2T&S campaign, fearing unintended consequences including skills shortages and financial chaos in the public sector.

CEO Crawford Temple said: “It is vital that contractors who depend on this relief for their livelihood sign the campaign and help generate the support that we need to make a difference in Westminster. IT contractors number in the hundreds of thousands nationally and their participation is key and they could help save themselves thousands of pounds a year.

“Each time someone signs the campaign, that’s another email to an MP and potentially another supporter in the House of Commons.

“I know that you feel you deserve these expenses because you have no job security and none of the other benefits enjoyed by full-time employees. You are right, so help us take the fight to the Treasury and to HMRC before it is too late.”

PRISM believes the average contractor will lose 20 per cent of their take-home pay, landing Britain’s private and public sector employers with a bill of £7bn to plug the shortfall.

Detailed rules released in draft legislation this month mean that anyone falling under the ‘supervision, direction or control’ of someone they work with will be barred access to expenses for travel from home to temporary workplaces.

Back the campaign at

Source: Neil Millard, PRISM

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