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Say NO to these Contractor Accountants


These days, you would see a lot of advertisements appearing on the internet from Accountants claiming themselves as Contractor Accountants.

You would specifically see these advertisements on Twitter and LinkedIn, because there is where their target audience is, i.e. “UK Contractors and Freelancers”.

At first, even we wondered why some of these Accountants were targeting Contractors and Freelancers?

The answer was very simple really; they probably were looking at more money and less work, less compliance.

While Contractors are technical in their own respective areas, most of them are really not aware of the technicalities of bookkeeping, accountancy and things like IR35, and rightly so.

One of the most recent advertisement strategy used to target Contractors was, hitting them hard on IR35. For IR35 is by far the most complex and confusing legislation for UK Contractors, well it actually isn’t; it’s just overhyped.

We recently saw adverts that said, “Are you worried about your IR35 status? Don’t worry, we’re specialist in IR35. Click Here for FREE IR35 review”. You could very easily spot “Click Here” and “FREE IR35 review” on the advert (with hyperlinks embedded in it). Well, how can they miss to put hyperlink under “Click Here and FREE IR35 review” Ha! Gotcha!

We wanted to dig deep and so we clicked on their hyper attractive links (sarcasm intended), only to find out a web of pages that further confused us and pages that would ideally scare Contractors on things like IR35, and why Contractors should hire them as their Accountants.

Then, if you don’t fall in the web of IR35 risks, you would see a hell lot of pop ups appearing on every side of your Computer screen with “refer a friend and earn £££s with referrals”. This basically means, if you didn’t fall for it, push someone else.

Having said that, there are many Contractor Accountants who can be easily trusted, and these Accountants don’t resort to cheap marketing tactics to lure Contractors. They’re simple, professional and jargon free.

If you’re having trouble in searching the right Accountant, let us know. Based on your needs, we will help you find an Accountant whom you can trust, alternatively you can also check 


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