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Contractor Accountants

Finding a Contractor Accountant for your accounting needs could prove to be a herculean task. Especially when, Contractor Accountants offer similar services and not to forget their “ground breaking” rates.

If that does not work, there will be some who will try to threaten you with IR35 risk. Many times, our team at ContractorDaily cracks jokes on how threatening IR35 is to Contractors. Seriously, is it really that threatening?

We wonder why some Contractor Accountants have to resort to such marketing tactics. For them, it is all about Business and Sales / numbers game!

For us (Contractors), it is our sweat and blood; hard earned money after spending hours at client site.

Anyways, that is not the point of discussion, atleast at this stage. What we’ve done here is, we have researched carefully and shortlisted REAL Contractor Accountants. We’ve got qualified Contractor Accountants who have strong background and long history of serving UK Contractors and Freelancers.

Our team of recommended Contractor Accountants will not call you every now and then to their office for paperwork. Through us, you would get options of using online accounting and cloud bookkeeping.

Plus, they’re equipped with all the Accounting software used by Contractors and Freelancers in the UK (that include online / mobile expense and receipt management system). Some of the software you would find with us:

FreeaAgent Xero
SAGE Paperless
ClearBooks QuickBooks
OpenBooks IRIS


Don’t worry they’ll not threaten you OR use any sort of technical jargons or even complex procedures to confuse you. There are some Contractor Accountants who would confuse you to get some additional fees out of your pocket. Be assured, your books are safe with our Accountants. Our process will be simple, quick and hassle free.

So, if you need any help with finding a Contractor Accountant, simply fill in the form below and an Accountant will be in touch with you.


Please fill in the form below and let us do the rest:

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